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We produce and provide bulletproof vests for the Defenders of Ukraine for free


Lviv Defense Cluster

It unites specialists of defense enterprises, volunteers and production facilities from all over the country in order to provide the Defenders of Ukraine with high-quality and tested bulletproof vests. It has its own laboratory for testing ready-made products.


LDC is designated by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine as the main coordinator of the volunteer movement for the production of bulletproof vests. Our experts can test ready-made samples produced or purchased by other volunteers.

The cluster works thanks to charitable financial support.


100 000 bulletproof vests

have been provided free of charge for our defenders


Why trust us?

Our experts have:

чому саме ми
  • We have 8 years of experience in the production of bulletproof vests

  • We developed and manufactured bulletproof vests for almost all the forces of Ukraine and individual units of NATO

  • Over 100 tests of various materials and types of body bulletproof vests, license-confirmed qualification, official test reports and certificates.


A body armor vest is a part of the equipment that the Ukrainian army lacks the most!

But not every vest guarantees protection from Russian troops’ bullets.

The cost of a mistake is a Ukrainian defender’s life!

What armoured plates for a bulletproof vest should be like

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