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"Used" armor in exchange for a new one

Charity event of the Lviv Defense Cluster and ArtArmor in support of the Defense Forces of Ukraine


"... the 120th mine fell, I felt the hit, but the plate withstood," the soldier says.

The militant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Kherson.

He is 23.

Fox charms with his incredible smile, charisma and positivity. To the question "how do you manage to smile so much despite all the trials?", he answers:

- I cherish every moment of life.

Appeal to the soldiers who defend our country


Send the "armor" that was hit by a bullet or a fragment to us, we will replace it with a new body armor.


The new body armor will protect more reliably than the "worked out" one. And the used armor will be able to bring benefits in the future - now within the art project.

Why is this important?

The body armor that was shot definitely needs to be replaced. It doesn`t depend on whether body armor has ceramic or metal plates. When shooting ceramic plates, the outer protective layer is destroyed, and they cannot perform their functions no more. Each hit to a metal plate deforms it, reducing its protective properties. In addition, the impact destroys the anti-shrapnel layer.

photo_2022-03-16 10.40.30.jpeg

About the project


In April 2023, the LDC teams and art project - the ArtArmor signed a memorandum of cooperation. That is how the collaboration of projects for the sake of saving human lives began. LDC will give armor plates to ArtArmor that stopped bullets or fragments and saved the lives of military and other heroes of the front line or near-front zone.


Thanks to the ArtArmor project, all these plates will be turnt into unique art objects. Later, some of them will be sold at auctions, and some will become cultural property of Ukraine. The funds will be directed to the production of protective equipment, the purchase of specialized equipment and military rehabilitation projects.

How to get a new bulletproof vest
To submit "armor" that has been shot and worked out, please fill out the form. You will receive a completely new one from LDC.

Glory to Ukraine and all soldiers who defend our freedom. Thank you. We continue to work.


Serhiy, 29 years – "KING"

He is a history teacher, poet and a scientist who dreams of finishing his dissertation. But he can't do it because of rashists. He has been at war since 2014. His body is covered with scars and decorated with symbolic tattoos. He is going to teach after the victory, and is currently recovering from his injury. He is going to turn back "zero" (front line), to liberate his native land from the russian invaders, to be able to hug his beloved and children to his heart's content later.

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